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Fourth Doctor

August 2009

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river; unicorns and rainbows

calapine in oldskoolvids

assorted old skool

Nothing new, I'm afraid, but here be links to all my old skool vids and ones that encompass all of Whoness, yes.

We Both Go Down Together (an Eight/Grace TV Movie vid)

What About Everything (a tribute to Doctor Who 1963-2006)

Run With Us (Seven & Ace to the theme tune of The Racoons)

One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young (Four/Romana II shippiness)

It's Beginning To Get To Me (Four/Romana I shippiness)

The Black Parade (The Doctor, his life, and how he affects others)

The Fear You Won't Fall (Four and Romana II falling in love in Paris)

A Time War In Three Acts (A beginning, middle and end to things)

Time Lords Built this Citadel On Rock & Roll (a totally serious vid about Time Lords)


I just wanted to let you know that your vids are all really amazing and I love them a lot.
Thankee! They're a lot of fun to make and it's lovely to hear that other people enjoy them too.
Thank you so much for introducing me to that Doctor & Ace to the tune of The Racoons. So much awesome in one place!
Gah! Calapine! I'm trying so, so, so hard to download "What About Everything" because I LOVE IT TO BITS and it won't stream and MegaUpload is being a bitch and is there another source? I used to have it favorited on YouTube but it went away *cries*. Please please please?
Gah, all of these being yours and they include some of my fave DW vids. You're very prolific.
Way too much time on my hands, yo.