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Fourth Doctor

August 2009

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gelosia in oldskoolvids

Dead Star (Master/Doctor)

This video is mostly classic, although it does have two large chunks from the new series...I thought maybe it still applied according to the userinfo. There needs to be far more classic videos in this community, anyway.

Music: Dead Star by Muse
Ship: Doctor Who: Master/Doctor
Spoilers: Series 3, as well as a lot of plot turns in the classic series.
Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=PmufM8PW4wk
Summary: No matter who he's with, what he's done or where he's going, the one consistent thing in The Doctor's life will always be The Master - whether he chooses to accept it or not. This video is about The Master's attempt to convince The Doctor of...Embedded video behind cut with further explanation.

...their similarities, and uselessness in trying to fight something that's always been with you, and always will, no matter how sure you are that you're alone. Secondly, it focuses on both Time Lords inability to fit in with their own people, and the destruction and chaos that follows them. And finally, The Doctor turns away from it all, only for the whole thing to start again.

ANOTHER new video. And this one is Master/Doctor, as well. Its pretty obvious I find them the most interesting of pairings. Actually, I quite like Sam Tyler/Doctor too, but that sort of video might be a bit difficult to edit.

This one I've been working on since September. Yes. SEPTEMBER. Granted not very much, and it went through a ton of changes until I was happy with it. In the last two weeks I've really pushed it to get it done. I don't know what the hell takes me so long, honestly I think I'm a bit OCD about the whole thing. It has to be just the way I want it, and not even a fifth of a second will come between me and my irrational goals of perfection.

I think this might be the last vid I do on WMM, I really cannot stand that program. I'm trying to find something for *coughdownloadcough*, but nothing's turned up yet.

Who knows, maybe I'll try a Sam Tyler/Doctor one, because let's face it, the Doctor Who fanvid community is severarly lacking in Sam Tyler/Doctor fan videos.

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Nice icon!
Haha, thanks. I remember seeing Revelation of the Daleks, and thinking when he pushed that Dalek out the window what an awesome fail icon it would make.