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Fourth Doctor

August 2009

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Doctor Who - Martha

azarsuerte in oldskoolvids

MOD POST: OT posts

As you've all probably noticed, I deleted the most recent (off-topic) post to this comm. Okay, granted, this may be my fault. I didn't put it in the community rules because I figured it would be a given that, since this comm is about old school VIDEOS, all posts to the comm should be video related. I since have changed that.

For future reference, ALL posts to this community MUST relate to Doctor Who old school fanvids in SOME way. Posts don't have to include a video, but if not they should be looking for a favorite vid, looking for tips on creating videos, recommending a video, etc.

Anyone wishing to be an exception to this rule should in future PM me FIRST and explain their reasoning. Any future OT posts made WITHOUT my permission will result in the offending member being asked to delete it. If they do not, I will delete it and the member in question will be banned if they repeat the offense.

Thanks so much in advance! :-)


I'd just like to apologize for my misstep - in retrospect, what I've done was pretty stupid and had I not been nervous about putting the thing up already, I'd probably have known better. It won't happen again.

Thank you. I probably wouldn't have reacted so strongly if this was the first time it'd happened on a comm I own, so I owe you an apology as well for letting you take the brunt of quite a bit of compounded annoyance. :-\ Hope it hasn't put you off sticking around as a member of this comm. :-)