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Fourth Doctor

August 2009

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Not!Fandom: Autumn Bench

van in oldskoolvids

Doctor Who: A Place In Time (music vidlet), (Ben/Polly), G.

(Link redirects to my LJ post, so I can keep comments in one place, thanks.)

Title: A Place In Time
Pairing: Ben/Polly
Song: A Place In Time
Artist: Amanda Abizaid
Length: 1:07.
Vidder: Van Donovan / van
Notes: Thanks to phantasmrose for a quick little beta, and to clarrisani, who forced me to clip some clips for her video, thus inspiring me to finish this one.
Summary: Ben and Polly fall in love through all of time and space, or something.

Enjoy, and if possible, please link to this post instead of the video itself. <3

It's really short, just over a minute, but I think it works nicely for a little short vidlet. Honestly, so much of their episodes are burninated that it's hard to vid for them. But when I heard this song it made me think of them--they have to travel time and space together to fall in love, and when they do, they realize the perfect place for them is right back where they started. :) I magically avoided including any other companions in this, so it is all Ben and Polly. :D These two are so awesome and totally deserve more fans. ♥

Um, I think that's it. :D

(Crossposted here per request! Yay an old school vid comm! :D)


someone made a Ben/Polly vid?

sign of the apocalypse!!!!

but seriously, awesome vid.
Heeee. They are such love. XD Thank you!