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oldskoolvids's Journal

Doctor Who Old School Fanvids
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Fan videos for Old School Doctor Who fans.
This is a community for making and sharing Old School Doctor Who fanvids. Not because there's anything wrong with dwfanvids, but simply because most of the videos posted there are from the 2005 series. Now, I'm a huge fan of the new series, but sometimes I get in a mood to watch Old School and it can be time-consuming to wade through six dozen Ten/Rose videos looking for one Four/Sarah Jane. :-)

So basically, the only videos allowed here featuring characters from the new series are ones that also include characters and footage from the old series--a Sarah Jane video *just* based on "School Reunion" and The Sarah Jane Adventures would not qualify, but an overview of all the Doctor's companions, including Rose, Jack, Mickey, Donna and Martha would so long as it included (for example) Susan, Romana, Harry, Sarah Jane, Nyssa and Tegan as well. Does that make sense? :-)

The only other thing that is not allowed here is anti-'ship or anti-character vids. Any video that bashes a character, 'ship, etc. will be deleted from the comm and the poster given one warning before being banned on the second offense. Otherwise gen, het and slash are all welcome, any era prior to 2005, any characters, any pairings. :-) Also, no flaming of any poster for any vid, no matter how much you may hate the character it's about.

So, to reiterate the rules:

1. no New School unless it involves Old School footage too
2. no character or ship-bashing vids
3. no flaming
4. all posts should be video-related in some way or other

IF YOU'RE NOT SURE IF A POST YOU WANT TO MAKE IS ALLOWED, PLEASE PM THE MOD AND *ASK*. OT posts made *without* permission being received from the mod first will result in said member being banned after the second infraction.

Pretty simple, huh? If you think you can abide by that, please join! :-)